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Daily Leadership Thought #91 – Avoidance Only Ever Makes Things Worse

Most of us prefer comfort over discomfort.  We’d rather not deal with the difficult challenges and procrastinate until the very last minute or until we are forced into action.  You see this every day in business and in life.  Sadly, the longer we wait to address something the worse it usually gets.  This is especially true when it comes to having frank and honest conversations with those closest to us and/or addressing pressing financial issues.

Relationship issues never fix themselves.  They must be confronted in a straightforward, but empathetic manner.   Problem employees will stay that way unless they are removed or put on notice with a deadline that things must change.  Financial problems don’t go away because you decide to focus on other things – the math has to work out in the end.   Symptoms of illness or other medical issues don’t magically heal themselves – in fact the sooner you get them checked out the better.

I am an optimistic person and believe that just about every problem we confront has a viable solution.  However, just because the solution may not always be perceived as optimal or what we want, doesn’t mean a solution isn’t still required.  All things have a beginning and end.  Work and life decisions have to match individual circumstances.  People have to agree and commit to being in constructive relationships.  Being healthy takes work and even more effort and attention as we get older.  Avoiding reality may seem convenient at the times, but it only ever makes things worse in the end.  Life does take courage, even when it hurts or makes you uncomfortable.


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