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Daily Leadership Thought #116 – Every Day Is A Gift

Monday isn’t a very popular day with most people.  It usually means the beginning of a new work week and the end of the more relaxed weekend mindset.  While I understand this point of view to some extent, I also find it a bit sad to witness.  Every day is truly a gift.  There is nothing we can do to change what happened yesterday and tomorrow is beyond our grasp, but we can embrace the “present tense” and make the most of today.

There is a powerful symbolism to sunrise.  Every day starts with this amazing and beautiful event that allows light to enter our world.  The birds announce the coming day with their singing and the quiet of the evening is slowly interrupted by the sounds of people beginning their daily routine.   While the sounds may vary depending upon where you live, the symphony of life commences and we begin anew.

The attitude with which we approach our life matters.  It is easy to get stuck in a rut or not fully appreciate the ability to which we control our own destinies.  The truth is that how each day goes is largely up to us.  Even in the midst or tragedy or misfortune, we can choose to “soldier on” and make the most of our circumstances or not.  None of us really know how many days we get in this life.  I heard a commercial state the other day that it is about 25,000.  Time is finite – make the most of it!


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