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Song of the Day: “One Particular Harbor” by Jimmy Buffett

In my next life I want to be Jimmy Buffett.  If there ever was a person who seems to have figured out life it is him.   He travels the world, does what he wants, seemingly when he wants and how he wants.  Everything he touches from a business perspective turns to gold.  With only one top 40 hit to his credit he has managed to have a 40 year career making music and selling out concerts.  His more loyal fans (and there are many) consider themselves “Parrotheads” and come back every year to celebrate his celebrated “beach bum” lifestyle and musical vibe.  It is easy to see how living vicariously through his music and exploits would be attractive to people.

Jimmy is a much better songwriter than people give him credit for.  His bestselling books prove his gift with words. He also has greater musical depth than one might appreciate without more than a cursory listen.  He can make you laugh, dance, cry, yearn and reflect about as well as anyone.  The catalogue of songs he has built over the decades is vast and well worth the listen.   Jimmy also continues to churn out albums and tour like he is in his 20s.

I’ve chosen  “One Particular Harbor” because it is a wonderful mixture of fun music and reflective thoughtful lyrics – perfect for a Saturday.  His obvious nostalgia for the subject matter of the song is infectious. You don’t need to have been there to get where he is coming from.  It is a state of mind.  I had many fun nights dancing to this song with special people in my life. It is guaranteed to always make me smile and hope it has the same effect on you.  This was actually the first time I’ve seen the video.  It is a bit dated but exactly what I would have expected from him.


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