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Song of the Day: “Right Now” by Van Halen

Van Halen often feels like a Tragic Greek Hero figure of a band with Eddie Van Halen acting as the lead tragic figure.  Despite all the talent in the world and the good fortune to actually replace lead singers and actually get better, they seem to have crashed and burned as a musical entity.  Who knows if we will ever hear anything new from them again?   The current void doesn’t erase many years of creating great music. When they were firing on all cylinders very few hard rock groups could ever touch their songwriting and musical ability.  Even though I am a big fan of the David Lee Roth years, I personally believe that Sammy Hagar came around at the right time and took their abilities to another level.

I have always liked the son, “Right Now.” It is also quite a provocative video.  The idea that all we have is the present and are actions at this moment will define us (good or bad) is a philosophical and spiritual concept that has been around for a very long time.  Sadly the advice is rarely heeded.  Time may be relative, but it is also irreversible.  Maybe the band should have been paying more attention to its own lyrics.  Instead of taking a cynical edge, I find this song uplifting and full of hope.  It’s a good way to start the work week.


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