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Song of the Day: “Winning” by Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana is a very smooth guitar player.  It never feels like he is worried about impressing his audience with his talent.  He is more interested in harnessing the power and beauty of his instrument.   I’ve always been impressed by his ability to  extend notes and subtly manage the open space between them.   There is a sense that the music comes first and there is an unwillingness to compromise his artistic integrity for popularity.

I’ve been fortunate to see him play live a number of times and I am always struck by the camaraderie and mutual respect within the band.  How many performers have you seen that would voluntarily give up the spotlight and allow his/her colleagues to repeatedly shine?  He seems genuinely impressed by their abilities and enjoys how they play off one another and jam.  Carlos has more of a jazz sensibility on stage which makes every night special and different.

I first heard the song Winningmany years ago and it resonated with me right away.  It has the perfect hook and message.   As I’ve grown older I only appreciate it more.   The theme of resilience despite the personal challenges we all face in life is inspiring.   Just because you may be down doesn’t mean you’re out.   It is very much about attitude and believing in yourself.  You will win again!


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