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Daily Leadership Thought #145 – The World Is Changing – Are You?

Change is a fact of life.  Everything changes.  People change. Circumstances change.  How much change have you seen in your own life?  My father who is now 82 once walked me through the changes he had seen in his lifetime and it was startling.  The world as he knew it as a child no longer exists.  Some changes are good others aren’t so good, but they will happen nonetheless.

Most of the change that takes place in our life is beyond our capacity to control.  All we can do is react to what’s taking place.  You can either accept what’s happening and do your best to navigate it or attempt to resist it.  However, resistance is futile.  The waves of technological and social change are only growing in intensity.

Once you accept the reality of change then you can focus your energies on embracing the developments which will make your life easier and/or time more impactful.  It’s always best to choose the waves you want to surf rather than have them choose you.   It’s also never good to live in vacuum or bubble.  You must fight your natural inclination to become more conservative with time and only seek out self-validating perspectives.  As the saying goes, “be the change you want to see in the world.”

I encourage you to broaden your perspective and worldview by speaking with others who think differently than you especially people who are younger or from other cultures and/or socio-economic backgrounds.  Instead of resenting or belittling them for their opinions, try and understand where they are coming from.  Seek out media and other information sources that challenge your sense of conventional wisdom.  Strive to learn more about the world as a whole rather than focusing most of your energy on your own backyard.  Experiment with new technologies.  Make it a priority to be ahead of the curve and what’s happening rather than becoming a victim of circumstance.  Once we stop learning and adapting we begin to decay and expedite our own irrelevance.


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