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Song of the Day: “Only The Young” by Journey

It’s depressing how many bands break up at the peak of their fame and talent.  They finally get to the point where everything is clicking and then decide to throw it all away.  Rarely do the individual members ever go on to achieve anything of similar impact.  There must be some strange chemistry that exists that creates an artistic tension that is bound the snap at some point.  I’ve often wondered if they paced themselves better and didn’t try to maximize everything all at once if their careers would last longer.  The pressure of constantly touring and recording must become too intense.  You must also reach a point where the money no longer matters and the artistic part of the vibe becomes harder to come by.

Journey was a great band that accomplished alot in a relatively short period of time then flamed out.  Their song catalogue still holds up to this day and their legion of fans only seems to grow with time.  The group has reformed with a new lead singer but it will never be the same.  Meanwhile Steve Perry who is an incredible lead singer has disappeared into the former rock star abyss.

I first heard the songOnly The Young” as part of the move Vision Quest which I never get tired of watching.  The song like the movie captures the intensity and angst of transitioning from a teenager to adulthood perfectly.  What in retrospect seems meaningless at the time was full of importance.  There is no other period in life when you are so caught up in the here and now.  While youth may be full hope, optimism and potential, it is also a deeply personal and egocentric experience.   The bubble of your life is about to burst and its difficult to fully grasp what comes next.


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