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Daily Leadership Thought #157 – Everyone’s Life Is A Novel

When you pick up a really good work of fiction it draws you in.  You take the journey with the protagonist as they weather all types of storms and setbacks.  You also take pleasure in their triumphs including when they ultimately find they find love and/or happiness or achieve some level of resolution about important issues.  Just like in books, I believe everyone is the protagonist in their own story.  The only difference is that your story is a constant work in progress and the ending isn’t yet written.

We all have good chapters and bad ones.  Sometimes the sections are relatively short and uneventful.  Other times they are long, deep and significant.  There are also always turning points in the story, where critical decisions are made and the consequences of these decisions are played out.  We are sometimes riding the wave of good fortune and happiness, while other times it feels like the wave is crashing over us and it is all we can do to tread water and swim.  Ups and downs are an inevitable part of life.

There is a fundamental difference between a good work and fiction and our own stories.  We are the authors.  There is no more subjective experience than living one’s own life.  To a large extent, we get to decide how it all turns out.  It may be cliché to state the obvious; however, it is not what happens to you, but how you respond to it that matters.  In addition, a life can be lived reactively or proactively.  I’ve met quite a few people who understand this reality and they have become the architects of their own future and destinies.  Sadly, many more people seem to get mired in a life of mediocrity and disappointment.

What chapter are you writing right now?  Are you taking control of your life or letting events control you.  Are you in a period of significance where important decisions need to be made or simply enjoying a time of contentment and incremental progress?  Are you transitioning to something new or embracing a time of reflection and growth?

How do you want the story to end?  What are you doing to achieve these outcomes?  Believe it or not, once you reach adulthood, your life is mostly of your own making.  I encourage you to dive deep into the writing/living process.  Make sure you fully assume the role of protagonist.    Good and bad things can and will happen, however, in the end it’s your actions, character and judgment that will make all the difference.

4 Responses

  1. Wonderful post! I like comparing my life to a novel…it really helps me step back and stop overanalyzing things. A book always has a resolution, as does life.

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  3. […] Daily Leadership Thought #157 – Everyone’s Life Is A Novel (edrobinson.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Daily Leadership Thought #157 – Everyone’s Life Is A Novel (edrobinson.wordpress.com) […]

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