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Song of the Day: “Joe Bonamassa – “Further on up the Road (Featuring Eric Clapton)”

I sometime feel that the term prodigy gets used too often.  There is a difference between being technically proficient and having god given talent.  Joe Bonamassa is a rare breed.  He has been playing guitar at a high level since he was child.  He now is at the point where commands the stage at the Royal Albert Hall (no easy task).  He easily stands toe to toe with Eric Clapton.  I wonder if Eric sees some of himself in him.  There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of “you don’t play the Blues, it chooses you.”  Joe clearly has the blues running through his soul.

His album, Live From the Royal Albert Hall is a “must” purchase for any fan of guitar playing.  It’s been a long time since someone like him has come along and taken rock musicianship to this level.  Like all exceptional artists he is able to stamp his own particular brand of playing on an already established genre.  Once you hear him play it’s hard to look backward.  I just wish American fans would catch as quickly as our European counterparts so he would tour more often in his home country. 

There are many songs I could have chosen, but Further On Up The Road” with Clapton felt like a fitting choice.  It’s almost as if he is being accepted into an elite club and the mantle is being passed.


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