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Song of the Weekend: America – “Chasing The Rainbow”

Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell formed the rock group America many years ago.  Over the course of their 40 year career they have written a large number of hit songs.  Their earlier tunes like “Horse With No Name andVentura Highway have been staples on classic rock radio for decades.  Other songwriters including many contemporary ones have been touting them as inspirations for quite some time.  Personally, I believe the album they released in 2007 entitled Here and Now where the collaborated with some newer artists is one of their best.  It also has the added bonus of capturing a live in studio performance of many of their past hits.

There are certain bands that from the moment you hear the first chord you know it’s them.  America is one of these groups especially once the vocals start.  Their musical vibe is definitely special and unique.  I always feel at peace and a bit nostalgic when I hear their music.  It only ever conjures up positive memories.   They also seem to have alot to say in their songs which is worth listening to.  It is not just enjoyable background music.  The whole album Here and Now comes across as a running dialogue about life after you have crossed the midpoint and move towards the twilight. It is both reflective and inspirational.  I chose the song “Chasing The Rainbow” because I could certainly relate to it.   Enjoy!


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