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Song of the Day: Sade – “By Your Side”

Sade is a great band.  Named after and featuring their lovely lead singer, Sade Adu, everything about the band says class and integrity.  They have subtly managed to have a career spanning three decades while writing and performing on their own schedule.  There is minimal sense of a singer/songwriter or band that rushes into the studio or feels compelled to churn out CDs.   It’s almost as if they only record when they feel the outcome will be exceptional and there is something meaningful to say.  Clearly staying popular has not been one of their major concerns, however, ironically the band stays highly relevant whenever it suits them.

There is a certain mystery about the songs and Sade as a performer. You get the sense that the music is deeply personal and autobiographical but it’s hard to tell.  For someone who has spent a majority time in the spotlight we know very little about Sade Adu or her bandmates.  What does become obvious when you listen to the songs is that she feels things deeply and they perceive music as a means to sooth your soul.  You don’t feel stress or angst when you listen to a Sade song.  You enter a space of peace and comfort.

I chose the song and video “By Your Side” because it captures their artistic prowess and her soulful beauty perfectly.  We all long for relationships that reflect these sentiments.  Nice way to end a Monday.


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