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Song of the Weekend: The Eagles – “The Last Resort”

I can’t think of a band who exemplifies America more than The Eagles.  They are talented, hard working, proud, resilient, determined, thoughtful, at times poetic, deep, sometimes controversial, unafraid to say what’s on their mind, self-conscious, contentious, sometimes a bit too self-important, made up of extremely diverse personalities, and clearly capitalistic (it was hard to find this video link due to all the blocks they put in place).  I also think they were able to cross over country and rock genres more consistently and better than any other band who has tried it.  Their sound is clearly American.

I’ve seen Don Henley live and he didn’t come across as too likeable (maybe it was a bad night), but boy can he sing and write amazing songs.  He seems to epitomize the tortured artist syndrome, but I do hear he’s softened with age.  The other current members of the band, Glen Frey, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt are also interesting characters and clearly gifted musicians and songwriters in their own right.  In addition, their background vocal harmonies are often flawless and something special for the listener.

There’s a reason why just about everyone you know has The Eagles Greatest Hits Album (Volume 1 and/or 2).  The songs that make up the album from start to finish are musical masterpieces.  It was almost as if there was a period where they were in a groove and everything they produced was a hit.  They also have a keen ability to capture the mood/spirit of what going at any given time and reflect back what’s most important.  Impressively much of what as was written in the 1970s still seems to stand the test of time and when they play it today it sounds even better.  The only other person who comes close to them during this period in music is Elton John.  I imagine the 1980s would have been equally impressive if they had stayed together instead of channeling their energies into solo efforts.  Some of their newer songs are up to a similar par but overall the efforts aren’t as consistent, but their “B” game is better than most bands “A” game.

I’ve always thoughtThe Last Resort was one of their best.  Like all of their great songs there is an epic feel to it.  The lyrics are prolific and the music provides the perfect backdrop to a story that weaves a tale which is rife with depth and meaning and resonates long after it’s finished.


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