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Leadership Thought #207 – Bad Things Do Happen

I opened up the paper this morning and the first thing I saw was a headline indicating that a father had run over his 3 years old son when backing out of their driveway.  What a terrible tragedy.   It is every parent’s worst fear.  I cannot even fathom how the family is coping with the situation.  I only hope and pray they can find the strength and compassion within each other to make it through the darkness of their grief.   Bad things do happen in life.  Sometimes they test our emotional and physical fortitude but we have to persevere anyway.  There really is no other acceptable choice but to be resilient in the face of pain and adversity even when it really hurts.

I have no idea why certain things happen in life.  The randomness of why some families have to deal with extreme tragedy while others make it though comparatively unscathed can be hard to comprehend.  Of course, everyone ultimately has to deal with grief and loss at some point.  All livings things come to the same natural conclusion.  Even someone as wealthy and capable as Steve Jobs must face his own mortality.  Thankfully, he understands this and has used his own communication platform to speak eloquently on the topic.  If you are fortunate you get a reasonable amount of time to live your life well, do good work and enjoy the love and company of other people.   When someone leaves too soon or abruptly, all we can do is cherish the experiences we had with them and make sure we make the most of our own borrowed time.

I have no idea what lies on the other side of life.  It is a great unknown.  Many people claim to have the answers but like all great mysteries we won’t ever fully know the truth until we experience it ourselves.  All we can do is live our life in a way that appreciates our time is finite.  I also find it helpful to think in terms of the legacy and impact I want to leave through my children, other close relationships and my work.  Every day is truly a gift and chance to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. 

Sadly, bad things will continue to happen but they are only ever part of the journey.  Ultimately we get to decide how both good and bad situations will define us and whether or not we gain wisdom and give love through the experience.  It also helps to have faith in something bigger, better and beyond the realm of human experience but that is entirely up to you.  Of course, while you are mired in the immediate depths of grief and despair these are hard concepts to embrace but ultimately it is the only way to heal and move on. 


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  1. Wow! Thank you! I constantly wanted to write on my website something like that. Can I take a fragment of your post to my blog?

    • Feel free to use at your own discretion

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