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Leadership Thought #221 – Ask Better Questions

A weakness I often see in leaders is a belief that their job is to supply all the answers.  They tend to dominate discussions and almost always want to have the last word.  The problem is that no matter how smart and capable you are, you will always be limited by your own thinking and life experience.  In addition, if you create an environment where everyone looks to you for answers, then you will hinder the growth and development of your employees and enable mediocre effort (and commitment).

Two traits I always see in exceptional leaders are an above average ability to listen to what someone else is saying and a great aptitude for asking follow-up questions.  The best leaders intuitively know that success most often lies in identifying and asking the right questions rather jumping to quick conclusions based on personal hunches or faulty assumptions.  You never lead a high performing company by using “seat of the pants” or “gut level” decision making.  A business is only as strong as its collective ability to make sense of and act on reality.

Asking good questions doesn’t come easily to everyone.  Sadly, our educational system prefers memorization and force feeding information over Socratic dialogue.  We build and reward confidence in “knowing” rather than “learning.”   However, young children from a very early age understand the importance of the word “Why.”  Every parent will tell you that this can get a bit tiresome at times, but it is just young minds trying to make sense of the world and understand how it works.  They aren’t burdened with the belief that they should already know everything.

Whatever your role in your organization I encourage to make a concerted effort to ask better questions.  Don’t take intellectual shortcuts or cover up a lack of knowledge with simple head nodding and acquiescence.   Don’t let your pride or ego get in the way of fully understanding what you need to know to be successful in your role. Never allow yourself to get to the point where you think you know it all because you don’t and never will.   Make it a habit to learn from other people by asking them what they think and actually listening to their response.  Leaders will inevitably have to take responsibility for making the “big” decisions but they should only do so after consulting with and learning from others affected by the decision.


2 Responses

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  2. Good evening; My experience for my 65 years here on earth has been-
    If you ask yourself ONE Question ” Who am I?” , that is all you will need
    to know. We are born all knowing, who we truly are will reveal that.

    I think it is a shame that we have so little LOVE, and reverence for ourselves that we have to ask another human being anything.

    We are all created and come here with much knowledge, why ask anyone to teach you their truth,look inside, seek,and confirm your own truth. All you will ever need to know is there. Many Blessings Reverend Darcy

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