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Leadership Thought #230 – Aspire To Reach Higher

It’s sad and frustrating how many people talk themselves out of success.  I see it all the time.  If comparable energy was given to figuring out how to overcome obstacles as is given to identifying them, many more people would live happier lives.  It’s important to always remember that what we focus on expands and what we ignore contracts. You should only listen to that little voice in your head when the self-talk is positive and constructive not negative.

What is odd and somewhat paradoxical is to observe is how people end up with the outcomes that they wanted to avoid in life.  Skeptical individuals end up becoming cynics who trust no one.  Overly cautious people suffer from analysis paralysis and increasingly miss out on the right opportunities for advancement and growth.   People who worry too much about what others think about them become narrow-minded and judgmental.  Individuals who feel like asking for help is a sign of personal weakness end up feeling isolated and vulnerable.

Every life is special. Every individual is capable of great things.  We all have shortcomings, but we also have talents, passions and characteristics that serve us well.   At the end of our life we can look back and rationalize our decisions/actions and feign comfort with mediocrity OR we can say we gave it our all given the skills/talents and circumstances we had to work with.  Making excuses never makes anyone feel better but instead reinforces individual insecurities, defends lack of effort and/or perseverance and puts too much emphasis on luck as a variable associated with success.

Look all around you.  There are examples of people overcoming tremendous odds and accomplishing great things every day.  Instead of settling for a life that doesn’t serve them well (enough) they continually opt to raise the bar on their own expectations.   I encourage you to ignore the naysayers and forge ahead courageously in the direction of your dreams.  Positive momentum more readily begets further positive momentum and this also works in reverse. Never succumb to self-doubt, self-pity and the flawed expectations of others.   Continually push yourself in the direction of happiness and success.  Broaden and deepen your definition of what’s possible.  Aspire to reach higher!


One Response

  1. Totally agree with your statement. ” I encourage you to ignore the naysayers and forge ahead courageously in the direction of your dreams”.

    I think we all have the power to reach our dreams with a clear vision of what we want to accomplish built around our true values and knowing who we truly are .

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