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Song Of The Weekend: Dave Matthews Band – “#41”

Every one in awhile an artist comes along who has their own unique sound.  From the moment Dave Matthews hit the music scene many years ago he was different.  His songs didn’t follow conventional songwriting formulas and he used many different types of instruments.  He would actually have violin and flute solos in hit songs.   His music was a breath of fresh air that came at a time where things had gotten a bit stale and formulaic in popular music.  He never plays down to his audience but instead elevates our appreciation of what’s artistically possible.   I’m glad Dave continues to carve out his own artistic path and broaden our perception of what songwriting can be.  The song “#41″ has always been one of my favorites.   Happy New Year!

Come and see
I swear by now I’m playing time against my troubles
I’m coming slow but speeding
Do you wish a dance and while
I’m in the front
The play on time is won
But the difficulty is coming here
I will go in this way
And find my own way out
I won’t tell you to stay
But I’m coming to much more
All at once the ghosts come back
Reeling in you now
What if they came down crushing
Remember when I used to play for
All of the loneliness that nobody
Notices now
I’m begging slow I’m coming here
Only waiting I wanted to stay
I wanted to play,
I wanted to love you
I’m only this far
And only tomorrow leads my way
I’m coming waltzing back and
Moving into your head
Please, I wouldn’t pass this by
I wouldn’t take any more than
What sort of man goes by
I will bring water
Why won’t you ever be glad
It melts into wonder
I came in praying for you
Why won’t you run
In the rain and play
Let the tears splash all over you


3 Responses

  1. One of my favorite songs! There’s so much emotion and passion that comes out in this song. He wrote this song as he was struggling with his own success and a dispute between a manager who didn’t have Dave’s best interest at heart. Dave will always be an inspiration to me as he is the reason I picked up the guitar and have stuck with it for over a decade.

  2. Cool! Thanks for reminding me of this song – one of my favourite DMB tracks!

  3. My favorite Dave Matthews Song is Crash into me. Here is a great How To if your a guitar player and want to learn how to play it. http://youtu.be/094ut39_W6Q

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