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Leadership Thought #292 – Set A Positive and Proactive Tone on Mondays

I’ve been fortunate for many years that I don’t dread Monday mornings or get bummed out on Sunday nights because of work.  Sadly, I know alot of people who do feel this way.  I can’t imagine starting my week in a bad mood for no other reason than it is the beginning of another work week.  Sure, I look forward to the weekends, but I don’t work just for them.  I’ve always believed that how you start your week on Monday sets the tone for the entire week.

Based on everything I’ve read and observed I believe it’s safe to assume that most people don’t like their jobs or at minimum have a “work to live” mindset.  Work is something they have to do to rather than something they enjoy doing.  I encourage you to try and challenge this thinking and look to find the good in your work and the people you work with.  In addition, try to minimize self-created stress and worry.  After all you are going to be spending a considerable amount of time at your job so why not try and make it more enjoyable.  Here are some simple tips about how to start your work week off on good note:

  • Set the alarm clock a few minutes early and allow yourself more time to wake up and ease into the morning – don’t start the day by rushing out the door;
  • Take some deep breaths and stretch for a few minutes when you first get out of bed;
  • Have a hearty and healthy breakfast – food is fuel;
  • Listen to upbeat positive music and avoid TV/radio shows that have a tendency to bum you out or get you angry;
  • If you are fortunate to live with family or other loved ones give everyone a big hug before you or they leave and sincerely wish them a good day;
  • Factor traffic into your travel time and give yourself a time buffer;
  • While driving into work think about all the good things that happened the prior week;
  • Try and get to work a bit earlier and have a cup of coffee/tea/water to help you get settled and think about the day;
  • Spend a few minutes thinking through your top 5 priorities for the day and the required action items;
  • Tackle your most challenging tasks as early as possible to put them behind you – don’t procrastinate;
  • Take a few minutes several times a day to exchange pleasantries with co-workers and  give them positive energy;
  • Avoid or redirect co-workers who are complainers and negative influences;
  • Look for opportunities to laugh and/or make others laugh;
  • Make sure you take your full lunch break and if possible go outside and get some fresh air;
  • If you are having difficulties/conflict with a co-worker, then try and hash it out in a mature fashion rather than let it escalate or linger – someone has to take the initiative to resolve the situation;
  • Before leaving work take a few minutes to debrief on how they day went;
  • Try not to plan/schedule anything right after work that forces you to rush out the door at the end of the day;
  • If possible, exercise for a few minutes before dinner;
  • Do your best to eat a healthy/well balanced dinner;
  • When you get home leave work at work and focus on being the best husband, dad, sibling, friend you can be;
  • If you live alone, then call someone you care about and check in with them;
  • Don’t be a couch potato in front of the TV – do something constructive with your down time;
  • Go to bed earlier than usual – make sure you get your rest.

I guarantee you that if you use the above list of tips as a checklist for your Monday, you will begin to feel better about the beginning of your work week.  All of the items are transferrable to other days, but don’t try to expect too much of yourself too soon. Start with Mondays and build on the momentum over time to create more positive work/life habits.  You don’t have to dread Monday mornings or your work week, it is a conscious choice.  And, if you are really that unhappy and these tips don’t help, find another job.


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  2. […] Leadership Thought #292 – Set A Positive and Proactive Tone on Mondays (edrobinson.wordpress.com) […]

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