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Song Of The Weekend: Bruce Springsteen – “The Promised Land”

I’m fortunate to have tickets to see Bruce Springsteen this weekend.  I’ve seen him quite a few times now and it never gets old.  While he rarely plays for 4 hours anymore you always feel like you get your moneys worth.  This is a man who was born to write music and be on stage.  It is mostly just straightforward rock-n-roll but that’s fine with me.  With Bruce it’s always been about more than just the music.

Throughout history every generation relies on artists to tell its story.  It always felt to me like Bruce was an important voice of the Baby Boomer generation.  It has been interesting to watch events filter through the lens of his artistic eye.  Thank goodness he keeps writing and touring and sharing his talents.   I encourage you to catch him live while you still can. 

The song “The Promised Land” has always been on of my favorites.  Have a great weekend!


One Response

  1. Bruce, we need more poets like him.

    Thanks for the post – Michael

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