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Song Of The Weekend – “Mid Air” by Paul Buchanan

I have been a huge Paul Buchanan fan since the release of the first album by The Blue Nile back in the early 1980s.  The moment I heard him sing I was captivated.  There really is no one else out there with a voice like his.  You can feel the emotion oozing through his voice and it never feels forced.  Like all exceptional artists, he can create a resonant emotional vibe in just a matter of seconds.

As a fan, you couldn’t wait for the band’s next recording which sometimes took more than 5 years to take place.   They clearly have a perfectionist streak and it is rumored that many wonderful performances were sadly left on the cutting room floor.  I do hope they are rediscovered one day.  There first two albums were recently remastered and well worth purchasing.

The Blue Nile is currently on a long term hiatus but I do hope they record again.  In the interim, Paul recently released his first solo album to much critical acclaim.  The performances are stripped down and mostly just involve a piano and his unique singing ability.   There are many songs to choose from, however I felt the video of “Mid Air” was too good not to share.

Hope you have a restful weekend after I am sure what has been a very busy few weeks…Enjoy!


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