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Leadership Thought #433 – You Must Be Willing To Change To Stay Successful

Inflexibility is rarely a virtue especially when it comes to business.  The landscape of business history is littered with failed business leaders who were either unwilling or too slow to change their thinking.  Just because something has worked in the past doesn’t mean it will work in the future.  The only constant in life is change.  Markets change. Customer attitudes change.  The best method for doing business changes.  Technology changes. As a business leader you must be willing to adjust to your changing circumstances or risk the consequences.

It’s often hard to accept that what got you here won’t get you were you need to go.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a client bemoan the fact that a long term business relationship has suddenly ended or that the market as a whole has shifted its buying behavior not in their favor.  You can never take success for granted.  Being good at what you do will work for awhile but it’s equally important to know how the definition of good is changing and why.  No one wins a race standing still or running backwards.  In addition, it makes no sense to fish in a pond where the fish are no longer biting or where everyone else has cast their line. In business you must keep your competitive edge.

Changing before you have to takes courage.  Initially the signs aren’t always so obvious regarding what you need to do. You may even get conflicting advice.  However, commit your organization to continually striving for positive momentum.  Do your homework: read industry journals/publications; stay connected with key clients; solicit feedback from front line employees; and regularly network with talented colleagues and peers.  However, look for clarity not certainty. There are no perfect business decisions – just don’t be reckless or foolish.  You are rarely (if ever) smarter than the market. 

Life tends to reward those who act and build the capability to adjust course as they move forward. It’s better to be the pioneer of your own future success rather than someone who is stuck in the past, too committed to the present, or waiting for the perfect time to act.  You must be willing to change to stay successful…



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  1. Great post!

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