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Leadership Thought #352 – What I Learned From My Mom

As we celebrate another Mother’s Day, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share my thoughts on my mom and how she has influenced my life.  Sadly, my mother is in a nursing home now, but she still has that sparkle behind here eyes when she sees me and my kids. You always know that when you are with her you have entered a space of love.

A mother is a very special person in a child’s life and if you are lucky, a lingering positive presence throughout your adult life.   Much of what we first learn comes from our mom.  She is often the calm in the midst of the many storms we encounter.  She is there for you no matter what.  I am blessed that my mom had so much to offer.  The following lessons are just a small sampling of her overall impact on my life:

  • Love your children fully and unconditionally – I never once doubted my mother’s love for me;
  • Be your kid’s biggest defender – life can be hard at times even for a kid and it’s nice to know there is someone who will always have your back;
  • Be your kids biggest fan – take pleasure  in the little accomplishments;
  • Make the effort to make the special moments truly special – holidays and birthdays were always fun in our house;
  • Sing and laugh loudly – have fun, who cares who’s listening;
  • Indulge your creative side – it is an important part of who you are;
  • Reading IS fundamental – always have a good book by your side;
  • Offer affection regularly – the people you love should be reminded often;
  • Having faith makes life easier to navigate and helps you to never lose sight of what’s most important;
  • Stay in touch with the people closest to you – my mom wrote me just about every other week I was in college and it made a big difference;
  • Sadly, pain is part of life but don’t get mired in it –  offer it up and move on with your day;
  • When someone is sick, take care of them and be a source of comfort – you will both feel better in the end;
  • It’s okay to get angry every once in awhile, but don’t hold on to it too tightly – always forgive those you love;
  • Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face – know when to pick your battles and when to relent;
  • Never get caught in a lie – honesty is an essential part of your character;
  • If you don’t have something nice to say about someone, then say nothing – my mom never badmouthed anyone to me;
  • Never worry to much about what others think about you – be true to yourself;
  • A robust family life leads to a fuller and happier life.

If you are fortunate to have your mom still with you please treat her special this weekend – she deserves it.  If she is no longer with us, then spend some time in quite reflection remembering the happy times and positive memories.  We only get one mother.  Never forget that without her we wouldn’t be here.  She sacrificed and gave up many things to have and be with you.  She wasn’t perfect (no one is) but I’m sure she tried her best.  She brought us into this world, took care of us, and made sure we could find our own way.  She taught us how to love and be loved – the most important gift of all.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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